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Photo Phriday #36 – They’re Coming

9 Sep

I don’t even have anything funny to say. This picture is just genuinely terrifying.


Photo Phriday #35 – Dapper

2 Sep

We like our kittens to dress as sharply as possible around here.

See you Monday, Minions.

Photo Phriday #34 – Stormtroopin’

26 Aug

This one of three things:

  1. The spoils of victory from a very large Buick killing a normal sized stormtrooper.
  2. The spoils of victory from a normal sized Buick killing a very small stormtrooper.
  3. A revolutionary new device to keep your car from hitting anything.

Photo Phriday #33 – Prehistory

19 Aug

Riverside, Iowa: Where most men have never gone before.

Photo Phriday #32 – Storm

12 Aug

You probably want to click this one to see it bigger, because it is a cool storm picture, and you will like it. I love storms. See you Monday.

Photo Phriday #31 – Fat Jokes

5 Aug

I cannot resist a pun, you guys.

Photo Phriday #30 – The Depressing Truth

29 Jul


Every. Single. Time.