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Music Monday #37 – Every Dog Has Its Day

12 Sep

Once you’ve heard Flogging Molly’s “Every Dog Has Its Day” it’s impossible to hear the words “Halifax, Novia Scotia” without getting it stuck in your head.

True story.


Music Monday #36 – Salute Your Solution

5 Sep

So, if you read last Wednesday’s post you might recall that I mentioned The Raconteur’s album Consolers of the Lonely. You may also recall that I love it. This particular song is off that album. It also happens to be the end credits song to Zombieland, which is a movie I love.

Look, basically there’s lots of stuff I like here. You should like it too.

Music Monday #35 – The Set Up

29 Aug

It’s another Reel Big Fish Monday. So enjoy, Minions.

Music Monday #34 – Tank!

22 Aug

Do you ever wake up with a song in your head, and you haven’t heard that song in ages? This happens to me constantly. Today, it was this. Tank! is the theme song from Cowboy Bebop, the only anime I’ve ever watched all of. And the theme song is awesome. So, enjoy.

Music Monday #33 – Angry Birds

15 Aug

I’ve been at my parent’s house playing a lot of Angry Birds this weekend, so I’ll just leave this here.

Music Monday #32 – More Than A Feeling

8 Aug

Minions, let me introduce you to Igor Presnyakov. In addition to having one of the coolest names ever, he’s also one of the most ridiculously talented guitar players ever. And we haven’t even gotten started on these arrangements. While most people are content to play the guitar part of a song when covering it on the guitar, Igor prefers to cover the entire instrumentation of a song on his one guitar. (He also sings occasionally, but rarely the whole song.) Igor’s YouTube account has (at the time of this post) 177 covers of songs across a huge range of genres from rock ballads like the one above to metal covers to classical tunes. Minions, I don’t often give you orders, but seriously, listen to the song above, and then head over to Igor’s YouTube account here and just dig in. You’ll thank me.

Music Monday #31 – Sunday Morning

1 Aug

We did it, Minions. A cover for each day of the week, once a week, for seven weeks. Weeky. In any case, this is a band called 3rd Earth covering No Doubt’s Sunday Morning. The sound quality is… not great, but I love finding these little groups covering the songs. It’s fun.