On Ideas

7 Sep

So, I had a really good idea for a Wednesday post. It was going to be interesting and funny, and best of all, super easy to write.

I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.

I’ve been wracking my brain for a solid hour now trying to bring it up from the foggy depths, but it’s no use. The thing is simply gone. How is it possible that I can remember so many details about the idea, but the thought itself remains so elusive. I remember where I was when I got the idea. (Though, to be fair “at the computer” describes a large enough percentage of my time that it would also be a pretty solid guess.) I, as stated above, remember that it was interesting and funny. I’m actually somewhat confused by the fact that I remember it would be easy to write. That is a thing that I think so rarely that it’s very strange that this particular idea could elicit that thought and then disappear so thoroughly. (It’s not that I usually find things hard to write, but more that the difficulty is pretty much a wash, and honestly not something I think about that much.) I just can’t understand how I remember all of these details, and the thing that they are the details of remains so doggedly elusive.

But, I guess it’s gone. I seem to be getting a fair post out of not remembering it, which might again speak to the high quality of this idea.

I wonder if there is a place where forgotten ideas go. Is there a world where all of these ideas, personified, live together, forming a vast city of things that people forgot? Are there whole clubs full of ideas for things that totally exist, but these idea’s originators came up with the concept first, and didn’t do anything about them? When the real thing gets made, do the ideas briefly disappear when the real thing is made, returning to their originators’ minds just long enough for that person to say, “Hey that was my idea?” I would imagine those ideas soon wing back to the land of forgotten thoughts, and hang out with their friends, and say, “Yeah, they finally made me.”

Is it weird that, in my head, thoughts have a posh British accent?

Probably no weirder than the whole “City of Lost Ideas” thing, I suppose.


One Response to “On Ideas”

  1. Luke March 12, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: One of the locales in the series is a library of every book that’s every been dreamed but not written. Sounds to me similar to your idea. I like it.

    What if there was someone with a key to this place of forgotten ideas? Would he “steal” ideas to be his own? What happens to those ideas? And is it really stealing to take something that’s been forgotten?

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