Tuesday Option #4 – Caravan

20 Jul

Sorry for another late post. WordPress seems to have eaten the original.

Walther was driving right where he liked to be. Way back of the caravan, like this, he could see the sights out the armored windows of his big rig. Up in the caravan it was all dust and radio chatter. Sure, most of the sights were nuclear fire-scarred wasteland, but they were sights all the same. Plus if the rad levels got high, he’d hear it from up ahead first.

So his tires tore up the desert sands, mile after mile. Here and there  some scrub poked through, but the Green Bay to Duluth run was pretty bare of vegetation. That made for easy driving, which Walther didn’t mind, he was pretty tired. Actually, he was maybe a little too tired. Was that a glint of light in the distance, or was he just sleepy? Sometimes a piece of metal, some sort of old holding tank would get exposed by the relentless winds. It could be quite a find. If he got first salvage rights on something like that he could eat well when they got to Duluth.

Walther squinted at the horizon again. There was the glint again. Nice. Part of his brain was already planning the fresh veggies he’d buy with his cut, but another part was a bit itchy. That wasn’t quite where he’d seen it before.

Another squint at the horizon showed two spots of light, neither where the first one had been. Also, there was a puff of dust.


Walther banged on the sleeper compartment door. “Freddie, get your lazy rear end out here, there’s shootin’ to be done!” He heard Freddie grumble, and pulled his old shotgun out of its place by his chair. He checked the two shells that were loaded, and fumbled for the box of extras with his hand that wasn’t driving. Lighter than he liked. Another quick slam on the door to try to get Freddie up, and he grabbed the radio. He turned it on and got nothing but static. Too far back! They didn’t work real well with all the rads in the area.

He laid on the gas hard. It finally sounded like Freddie was moving. The caravan was kicking up too much dust, they’d never see the raiders coming. He heard a “Pang!” off the panel by the passenger door, and looked back. Some opportunist had seen him in the back and thought they’d take the easy target. Walther grinned.

Freddie finally got to the back, and Walther soon heard the barrels spinning up and Freddie laughing. “Pull it!” he yelled.

This was Walther’s favorite part. He yanked the cord in the cab, pulling the canvas off  the mounting that housed the M61 Vulcan mounted to the back of the truck. The opportunist hardly had a chance to be surprised before his vehicle was blown away.

Freddie gave a wild war whoop, and Walther stomped hard on the gas. If they couldn’t eat well on salvage, they’d eat well on bounties.


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