Music Monday #37 – Every Dog Has Its Day

12 Sep

Once you’ve heard Flogging Molly’s “Every Dog Has Its Day” it’s impossible to hear the words “Halifax, Novia Scotia” without getting it stuck in your head.

True story.


Photo Phriday #36 – They’re Coming

9 Sep

I don’t even have anything funny to say. This picture is just genuinely terrifying.

On Ideas

7 Sep

So, I had a really good idea for a Wednesday post. It was going to be interesting and funny, and best of all, super easy to write.

I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.

I’ve been wracking my brain for a solid hour now trying to bring it up from the foggy depths, but it’s no use. The thing is simply gone. How is it possible that I can remember so many details about the idea, but the thought itself remains so elusive. I remember where I was when I got the idea. (Though, to be fair “at the computer” describes a large enough percentage of my time that it would also be a pretty solid guess.) I, as stated above, remember that it was interesting and funny. I’m actually somewhat confused by the fact that I remember it would be easy to write. That is a thing that I think so rarely that it’s very strange that this particular idea could elicit that thought and then disappear so thoroughly. (It’s not that I usually find things hard to write, but more that the difficulty is pretty much a wash, and honestly not something I think about that much.) I just can’t understand how I remember all of these details, and the thing that they are the details of remains so doggedly elusive.

But, I guess it’s gone. I seem to be getting a fair post out of not remembering it, which might again speak to the high quality of this idea.

I wonder if there is a place where forgotten ideas go. Is there a world where all of these ideas, personified, live together, forming a vast city of things that people forgot? Are there whole clubs full of ideas for things that totally exist, but these idea’s originators came up with the concept first, and didn’t do anything about them? When the real thing gets made, do the ideas briefly disappear when the real thing is made, returning to their originators’ minds just long enough for that person to say, “Hey that was my idea?” I would imagine those ideas soon wing back to the land of forgotten thoughts, and hang out with their friends, and say, “Yeah, they finally made me.”

Is it weird that, in my head, thoughts have a posh British accent?

Probably no weirder than the whole “City of Lost Ideas” thing, I suppose.

Caravan #6

6 Sep

Two piles of muscle stared at Walther through narrow eye-slits. No, these two were not in a joking mood.

“Now gents, I understand that you’re about to throw me out the door, and I get that, I surely do. I’ve caused a ruckus, and you have jobs to do. But I came in with a good friend, and he got himself shot fighting raiders on the Green Bay – Duluth run. So after you’ve thrown me out with the trash, if you could just make sure Freddie gets medical care, I would be much obliged.”

Without so much as a grunt the two thugs stepped towards Walther. He wasn’t rightly sure what happened next. There were a couple of thuds, an enormous amount of pain, and he was upside down in a dusty gutter a surprising distance from the hospital entrance. He took a bit to right himself and collect his effects. (How on earth did his hat get all the way over there?) A quick mental inventory told him that he was heavily bruised, but not unduly injured. Those boys had done their job without an undue level of violence, and he couldn’t fault them for that. And they at least hadn’t thrown Fred out. No way of knowing whether he was getting timely medical care or not, but he’d done what he could.

He was starting to ponder his next course of action when a weedy little man in a tweed jacket stepped out of the medical center. “Excuse me,” the man said, “I couldn’t help but notice your little altercation. You wouldn’t happen to be Walther Bowes, would you?”

Music Monday #36 – Salute Your Solution

5 Sep

So, if you read last Wednesday’s post you might recall that I mentioned The Raconteur’s album Consolers of the Lonely. You may also recall that I love it. This particular song is off that album. It also happens to be the end credits song to Zombieland, which is a movie I love.

Look, basically there’s lots of stuff I like here. You should like it too.

Photo Phriday #35 – Dapper

2 Sep

We like our kittens to dress as sharply as possible around here.

See you Monday, Minions.

Call and Response

31 Aug

Question time!

Jon Homan asked:

Have you found any new video game/book/album/etc particularly awesome recently?

There weren’t a ton of questions, so you’re getting an answer to all four of those things.

I actually haven’t been finding any video games too much to my liking recently. I was on a bit of a Fallout: New Vegas kick for a while, but for some reason it’s not holding my attention like Fallout 3 did. I think I maybe just spent too much time with the latter. All the stuff coming out about the next update for Minecraft has basically killed my desire to play that until the update comes out. So, I’ve been playing Mass Effect 2 again. I really love that game. It’s also not really holding me on the second playthrough like it did on the first, but I’m not really one for repeating content, so the fact that I’m playing again at all speaks volumes for the game, I think.

I’m not sure if I’ve discussed the Dresden Files here before. I’m sure I have, but just in case, the elevator pitch is for you to imagine Harry Potter if it were written for adults and Harry was a noir private eye. That doesn’t entirely do it justice, but it gives you a gist. Anyways, the most recent book of the series, Ghost Story, just came out, and it was really good. Like, I read it in one sitting good.

Album wise, (potential next week’s Music Monday spoiler ahead, by the way) I’ve recently been playing The Raconteurs’ Consolers of the Lonely more or less on repeat. It’s a 2008 album, but my music collection is not exactly super modern, and I only discovered it recently. It’s great album, lots of varied tracks.

I recently got a Viewsonic gTablet that I rooted and installed a custom ROM to. I like that quite a bit.

Any thoughts on the resignation of Steve Jobs?

I’m not a big Apple guy, but I try to keep pretty current on my tech news. I think that Jobs leaving his CEO post is going to hurt the company a bit, but it had to happen at some point, and I think Apple is definitely in solid shape right now. I think it’s interesting that he broke the news right after all that news about Apple having more liquid capital than the US government came out. Apple will be fine, I’m sure. They’ve weathered worse, and people still buy the shiny things they make.

With the start of the NFL coming up soon, any fantasy football advice?

Really? Okay.

I recommend the mans who do the best. Avoid the dudes who are not the best.

This is also how I decide who to vote for.


So, yeah, feel free to ask more questions for next week, or just discuss these questions or anything else below. See you Friday, Minions.